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Cantonese food originates from Guangdong, the southernmost province in China. The majority of Chinese people overseas originated from Guangdong(Canton)so Cantonese is perhaps the most widely available Chinese regional cuisine outside of China.

The Cantonese are known to have an adventurous palate, able to eat many different kinds of meats and vegetables. Many vegetables originate from other parts of the world. Unlike other Chinese cuisines, where food is cooked with a lot of spices and oil, Guangdong cuisine aims to bring out or highlight the original flavor of the vegetable, meat, or fruit, so little spice or sugar is used generally.

Flavors — Mild, Fresh, Natural, and Slightly Sweet

Tasting clear, light, crisp, and fresh, Guangdong cuisine, usually chooses raptors and beasts to produce originative dishes. Its basic cooking techniques include roasting, stir-frying, sauteing, deep-frying, braising, stewing, and steaming. Among them, steaming and stir-frying are most commonly applied to preserve the natural flavor of a dish. Guangdong chefs also pay much attention to the artistic presentation of dishes.

Famous Dishes

Guangdong cuisine's famous dishes are: tea-smoked duck (茶熏鸭), shark fin soup (鱼翅羹), braised dried abalone (焖鲍鱼), steamed frog on a lotus leaf (荷叶蒸田鸡).

Tea smoked duck Shark fin soup Braised dried abalone Steamed frog on a lotus leaf